''A Chris By Any Other Name''
Season 1, Episode 3
Production Code: 1AVV02
A Chris By Any Other Name
Written by Ryan Quincy
First Aired: March 1, 2013
List of Season 1 Episodes
Quest For Fantasy

A Chris By Any Other Name is the third episode of Season 1 of Out There. It is the third overall episode.


When Chris gets knocked down the bleachers during an assembly by one of the school bullies, he cries out in pain for his mom -- earning him the humiliating nickname “Mommy.” Chad helps Chris plot to get a better nickname, until one of Chris's ideas threatens Chad's relationship with school crush Sharla.




  • Chocodiles
  • Give Peace A Dance Dance
  • Learn to Throw Your Voice
  • Sno-Balls
  • Wave O



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