''The Great Escape''
Season 1, Episode 1
Production Code: 1AVV01
The Great Escape
Written by Ryan Quincy
First Aired: February 22, 2013
List of Season 1 Episodes
Quest For Fantasy

The Great Escape is the first episode of Season 1 of Out There. It is the first episode overall.


Meet Chad Stevens -- a 15-year-old boy existing in the small town of Holford. He’s a loner, a soloist -- until he meets fellow outcast Chris. Chris hates Holford and is planning his escape, and he enlists kindred spirit Chad to help.



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Season 1 The Great Escape · A Chris By Any Other Name · Quest For Fantasy · Springoween · Frosty King · Enter Destiny · Joanie Loves Terry · Viking Days · Salem, My Salem · Ace's Wild
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